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  Automobile Transportation Services  


Seamless & Worry-Free

Our investment in trailer trucks enhances the safety features that protects both the drivers and the vehicles. This ensures vehicles are delivered safely and efficiently on-time to your premises.

From long trailer truck carrying a capacity of up to 6 units of passenger vehicles to single flatbed car carrier for low profile car, we provide a variety of transportation solutions to cater your needs.

Our drivers plan ahead of their journey and their trailers are being tracked real time through a GPS tracking system that allows them to monitor road conditions and automatically notify the controller of any traffic situations or hazards in advance. This enhances a more efficient process in delivery  your vehicles within the given time frame.


Our Strengths:-

• Fully trained teams certified by the relevant authorities for the entire process of transportation of cargo.

• Strong working relationship with relevant organizations.

• Implementation of “Zero Damage Policy” to ensure your vehicles are delivered in the tip top condition.

• A team of skillful and experienced crew, coupled with high quality equipment and materials to your deliver vehicles.

• Computerized tracking and management system for optimal efficient operations.